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Our pastor, Rob Snider oversees 2 churches, 2 church plants, and 2 elementary schools.  He preaches at our church on the second and fourth Sabbaths of the month.
Our elders preach on the other Sabbaths.  Each elder also oversees a portion of the church family--called a "flock".  Our elders oversee the day-to-day operations of the church under the leadership of our pastor.

Worship Times (central time):
Sabbath (Saturday):  8:00-9:00am  Prayer Service
                                  9:15-9:25  Song Service
                                  9:25-9:50  Sabbath School
                                  9:50-10:40  Class Study
                                  11:00-12:00 Sacred Worship 

Wednesday:              6:30-7:30pm  Prayer Meeting